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Become a CKA Instructor

Become a Certified Instructor with the Christian Karate Association and join forces with CKA instructors to make a global impact.

Become a CKA Instructor and Change Lives for Christ around the World

People enter the realm of Christian Martial Arts teaching for various reasons, but at the heart of it all is a single, shared mission: spreading the word of Christ. This calling often resonates with those who have a passion for martial arts and feel drawn to ministry work. Many venture into starting a school, quickly realizing the challenges of initiating, operating, and sustaining a thriving Christian Martial Arts ministry.

At the Christian Karate Association, we've built a robust global network of instructors, offering continual training and support to help you realize your dream of leading a successful Christian Martial Arts ministry. Let's join forces to influence the world positively for Christ through the power of Martial Arts.


This is Life-Changing

"Working with the Christian Karate Association has changed my life! Being able to work and learn from other instructors and the head instructor has enabled me to go from teaching in a small room in a church to recently renting a 6000 sf commercial facility and offering my community a powerful Christian outreach and discipleship program. I would not have been able to achieve this without the support of CKA."

- Sensei Chris Arndt - CKA Instructor - Hayden Idaho

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Time to Make a Difference in your community

Steps to become a CKA Instructor

FREE for a limited time

Are you a Christian Martial Arts instructor with a desire to become part of the Christian Karate Association? Are you prepared to collaborate with fellow CKA instructors to expand and foster the growth of Christian Martial Arts in your locality and globally? Now is your moment to join the CKA community.

Listed are the requirements to join CKA:

  • Be a current certified instructor in your style

  • Hold a black belt (or equivalent) or higher in your current style

  • Agree with the CKA Statement of Faith

  • Agree with the CKA Statement of Professionalism & Ethics

  • Agree with the CKA Association Protocol

  • Agree with the CKA Licensing Agreement

  • Have a desire to reach the lost for Christ

If you are not a certified instructor or hold a black belt in your style, CKA offers a Team Leader Training course. Click here to learn more about the Team Leader Training Course.

Steps for becoming a CKA Instructor:

  1. Fill out the CKA Instructor Applicaiton

  2. Provide 2 Character References - 1 Personal & 1 Professional

  3. After your application has been approved, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to register online as a CKA Instructor. 

In the Instructor application, you will have to read and agree to several forms. Listed below are quick links to these forms. Please make sure you carefully read and understand each form. 

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