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Action Faith:
The Role of CKA Ministry

The primary objective of any ministry, including the Christian Karate Association (CKA), is to reach out to those who are yet to find faith, to fortify the beliefs of existing Christians, and to bolster the church in a manner that brings honor and glory to God. Here, the term 'church' is broadly used to encompass the entire collective of Christian believers. As a student or leadership member of CKA, these become your objectives as well. Our karate ministry provides an incredible platform to connect with non-believers, engage with Christian families as a unit, and train new instructors to develop this program in new territories.

Unlike conventional ministries, CKA is unique in its approach as it encompasses a wide demographic spectrum. Instead of being a program that only caters to a specific group, like school-age children on Wednesday nights or a men's prayer breakfast on Saturday mornings, CKA impacts everyone from young children, older siblings, parents, grandparents, to singles and teenagers. In recent decades, karate has gained immense popularity globally, with a karate school being a common sight in most small towns. However, not every town has a karate program like ours. CKA is distinct in its approach as we have consciously eliminated any traces of eastern religion from our teachings. Instead, we have incorporated Bible reading and memorization of Christian character qualities into our curriculum. While learning high-quality karate and improving their physical fitness, our students are simultaneously exposed to the Gospel and encouraged to deepen their relationship with Christ.

We have judiciously used the widespread fascination for physical fitness, self-defense, martial arts, and goal-oriented activities to develop a comprehensive program that caters to the complete individual - spirit, mind, and body. Our aim is to create a positive Christian environment that encourages personal growth and goal setting for families, youths, and mature adults alike.

Being part of CKA's ministry opens numerous doors to evangelize and disciple, opportunities that might not have been available otherwise. Besides the Christian aspect of the Christian Karate Association, there's also a chance to make an impact in the secular karate world. By participating in local tournaments and demonstrating excellent karate, we let the Light of Christ shine through us, offering a unique witnessing platform not available to most Christians. Additionally, involvement in CKA could potentially pave the way for a goal-driven, talented student or instructor to become a member of an Olympic team.

All our programs have been meticulously designed with these considerations in mind. God created us in His image, instilling in us creativity and the ability to face challenges head-on. The programs under CKA help harness these God-given talents, whether they lie in personal goals, evangelism, discipleship, or leadership. We ensure that every student receives ample opportunities to meet their goals and face challenges in this exciting ministry.

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