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CKA Student Membership Options

Joining the Christian Karate Association provides an exceptional opportunity for personal growth and development. The association offers two distinct membership options designed to cater to varying needs and interests.

Official Registered Student Membership

The Official Registered Student Membership is a comprehensive package packed with a multitude of benefits. It's designed for those committed to fully immersing themselves in the Christian Karate experience. This membership provides extensive access to weekly resources, videos, and a supportive community, making it a truly enriching journey.

Joining the Christian Karate Association, regardless of the type of membership, is a step towards self-improvement and personal growth, all within a nurturing Christian environment.

FREE for a limited Time

Best Value

Official CKA Student Membership



Access to the CKA App

Access to all Group Pages

Monthly Character Qualities

Weekly Character Quality Studies

Weekly Training Tips

Weekly Nutrition Tips

Weekly KarateFit Challenge

Monthly Fundamental Focus Video

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