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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a Christian Ministry, what does CKA believe?
    The Christian Karate Association is a non-denominational Christian ministry. You can find our statement of faith HERE
  • What is the history of the Christian Karate Association?
    The Christian Karate Association was born from one man's dream to reach the lost for Christ and discipleship believers in a unique, energized community environment. Read more HERE
  • How do you incorporate Christian values?
    All of our schools incorporate Christian Character Qualities, Bible Reading and Bible memorization in to daily classes and the rank requirements. For more information visit HERE
  • What is the Vision of the Christian Karate Association?
    The Christian Karate Association (CKA) passionately envisions transforming the world through an influential and effective ministry program. Our program is designed to foster evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship. Simultaneously, we are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in martial arts. Continue reading HERE
  • Why can Christians train in Martial Arts?
    The Christian Karate Association believes self-defense was around long before it was formed into structured martial arts styles in the Orient. Read more HERE
  • I see other Christian karate schools online are they part of your group?
    The name “Christian Karate Association” is Trademarked with the Federal government. Any school that is part of our association you will be able to locate on the “Find a school” tab. For schools that are not listed on our schools page, they are in violation of the Trademark guidelines. For more information on our Trademark and guidelines visit HERE
  • Do you have a specific code of conduct or ethical guidelines for your instructors to follow?
    Each of our instructors goes through an application progress. To be approved as an Instructor with the Christian Karate Association, the instructors have to provide proof of rank, agree with our statement of faith and our code of conduct and ethics. Each instructor is also required to turn in a yearly report and agree with the statement of faith and code of conduct and ethics each calendar year.
  • What style(s) of martial arts do you teach and how does it align with Christian principles?
    Each school's martial arts style is unique to its instructor. Our Association is not limited to 1 style. The Headquarter's main style is Shotokan. Other schools may be Tae-Kwon do or Shito-Ryu, etc. But every school uses our Christian curriculum of Character Qualities, Character Quality studies, Bible Reading and Memorization.
  • How do I become an official CKA Student?
    Becoming a student I simple. Register as a new student by filling out a release form and then choosing your membership type. Free or Paid. Free members can access the CKA app, communicate with their instructor and receive a monthly newsletter. Paid members will receive weekly training, nutrition tips and character quality studies. A paid student will also help support a student in a poor country, some areas are in South America and Africa.
  • Can I be a CKA Student if I don't attend a CKA school?
    You do not have to attend a CKA school to be a member with the Christian Karate Association. Love God? Love Karate? Join us and be a part of large network of Christian Martial Arts.
  • What are the benefits of being a student with CKA?
    Students that are members of CKA receive monthly updates on the ministry and a Character Quality to focus on and memorize for the month. Paying student members also receive weekly studies, training tips and more. For a full list of benefits go HERE
  • What are the requirements to become an instructor with your Christian martial arts organization?
    The process is fairly simple if you have the following: Instructor rank in your Martial Arts Style Agree with our Statement of Faith Agree with our Code of Conduct and Ethics Turn in an application Complete an interview Once all of those items are completed and you are approved by our board you will receive a certificate and materials to help you run an effective martial arts ministry. For more information visit HERE
  • How can I integrate Christian principles into martial arts instruction?
    The Christian Karate Association provides a complete curriculum template to all of our instructors. This template includes rank sheets. Each rank already incorporates Christian character qualities, Bible Reading, Fundamentals and some basic Weapons requirements.
  • What support or assistance does your organization provide to instructors in managing their classes or students?
    The Instructor manual for the Christian Karate Association includes class outlines and teaching points to help you plan and teach classes. The Christian Karate Association also provides a monthly instructional packet to our instructors which include: training drills, fundamental drills, personal training focus, character quality studies and more. We also provide Instructors with admin access to a group page on our CKA app where you can communicate with your students, post updates, plan events and more.
  • Why Partner with CKA?
    Love God? Love Karate? As an instructor looking to use martial arts as an outreach tool, we are here to help. We provide an established curriculum, leadership development, instant recognition, a large support group, continuous learning and more. No need to wonder and guess when planning classes and trying to incorporate Christian values, we have it all ready for you. For a full list of everything we provide read more HERE
  • Are their different types of martial arts schools within CKA?
    Yes, there are several school types. From a beginning CKA club to a complete CKA Instructor training center. To find where you fit read more HERE
  • How do I start my own CKA school?
    Step 1: Submit your application and become and Instructor. Step 2: Choose your path: Choose to establish your school independently or Partner with an established ministry group. Starting your own school information HERE How Long does it take information HERE
  • How long does it take to start a CKA school?
    How long it takes from once you are an approved instructor to teaching your first class depends on a lot of factors. It could be as short as a few weeks or take 6 months. To read more about which factors affect how soon you can start teaching read more HERE
  • What is the Team Leader Training Program all about?
    The Team Leader Training is designed to train you to be capable to start, run and maintain a ministry at your church or location. All the initial training is completed online. The Christian Karate Association has maintained active, viable, and effective ministries. The Team Leader program was designed to provide an opportunity for others to start and maintain an effective ministry with no prior experience. A team leader is formulated as a guide. You begin your training and then you are certified to guide others in their training using the books, videos and lesson plans that we provide you with. The Team Leader and their teaching method is similar to a small group study; materials and class outlines are provided, you are the guide. The Team Leader training includes face to face weekly video conference calls, online classes, reading assignments, karate training videos and homework.
  • What will the Team Leader Training Course cover?
    The Team Leader Course covers: -Organization and History of the Christian Karate Association -Leadership Development -How to Start a Club -Training Gear -CKA Organization and Logo usage -CKA curriculum -How to Teach Karate -Components of a great class -How to complete student testing -Bookkeeping and Legal considerations -Association etiquette The Team Leader training is broken into 2 segments - Team Leader Training which focuses on the ministry, ethics, history, and business concerns. - Karate Training which includes obtaining the first two ranks. There is a video test or in person test for both segments to receive the Team Leader certification.
  • Do I need any martial arts experience?
    No prior martial arts experience is needed. You will learn all you need to run a karate ministry through your online training.
  • What if I already have martial arts experience?
    Prior experience will make the journey smoother and swifter, but you will be required to cover all the material and complete all the ranks. If you are a currently a certified Instructor in your style, then the Instructor Membership would be the best option for you. Click on "Membership" to learn more.
  • How long is the Team Leader Training Course?
    The training is approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • Do I have to start in a Church?
    No. A CKA Club can be started anywhere there is space. A open location is all that is needed. A community center, school, living room, yard, park etc. We will be discussing these options and what makes an ideal location during Team Leader training.
  • How much does the Team Leader Training Course cost?
    The course fee is $500. This includes the application fee, the entire TL course, video training for two karate ranks, certification for the TL, and certifications for the two ranks. There is also a $10 per month fee for Instructor membership.
  • Can I run a CKA Club by myself or do I need more Team Leaders to join me?
    Ideally a club would be run with 2-5 Team Leaders. A club can be started with only 1 Team Leader with a second Team Leader joining in the 1st 6 months.
  • How many Team Leaders can we have on our team?
    A CKA Club can have a maximum of 5 Team Leaders. If you have more people interested in being a Team Leader you can have multiple clubs, operating different class times.
  • How many students can one Team Leader have?
    Each Team Leader is allowed a maximum of 15 students per class.
  • What if we have more students than is allowed?
    The recommended 5 team leaders can have a maximum student load of 75. Additional students will need to be on a waiting list or if you have additional leadership a second club can be started to accommodate an additional 75 students.
  • Do I get any rank?
    Yes. Team Leader Class 1 will include your first two ranks. Continued online training is required up to Black Belt. Team Leaders are required to maintain 1 rank above their students.
  • What belt do I wear?
    During your initial training you will wear a white belt. Once you receive your Team Leader certificate you will wear the Team Leader Belt. This belt was designed to represent the journey from white to black belt and is not considered a black belt.
  • What do my students call me?
    The title for Team Leader is Hancho (leader). A certified Black Belt instructor holds the title of Sensei (teacher).
  • I do not agree with the Statement of Faith, can I still become a Team Leader?
    No. In order to maintain our integrity as a ministry we hold to our Statement of Faith and require our Team Leaders to do so. If you have a question or concern or need clarification on our Statement of Faith please contact us. We would be happy to talk to you about your concerns.
  • How can I set up a monthly donation to your Christian martial arts organization?
    All donations received are handled by our Sponsoring Non-Profit, CKA Foundation International, Inc. If you would like to make a one time donation or a monthly recurring donation please visit our SPONSOR page. If you would like to make a larger donation via a check please contact headquarters on our SUPPORT page. All donations are tax deductible. Each and every donation impacts lives of children, families and communities around the globe.
  • Are monthly donations tax-deductible?
    Donations received for Christian Karate are handled by CKA Foundation International Inc. Donations to CKA Foundation International Inc. are 100% tax deductible where allowed by law.
  • How is my monthly donation used within the organization?
    All donations are used to support disadvantaged children, families and instructors and to continue creating programs and develop support materials to help CKA schools in impoverished areas reach the lost, and encourage the believers.
  • Will I receive regular updates on how my donations are making a difference?
    Christian Karate sends out a monthly newsletter with updates from CKA schools around the globe and curriculum/program updates, along with a Association wide Character Quality focus.
  • Can I change the amount of my monthly donation at any time?
    Once you make a donation, all the recurring donations occur via PayPal. You will have received a confirmation email from PayPal with your first and every recurring donation. Login to PayPal to update payment information, change frequency or cancel your donation.
  • What payment methods do you accept for monthly donations?
    All donations are received via PayPal. You can make a donation without a PayPal account using a credit or debit card. If you have a PayPal account you can also make a donation via your linked bank account.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum amount for monthly donations?
    There is no minimum or maximum amount for monthly donations. PayPal prefers donations to be below $4,000. If you would like to make a larger monthly/one time donation greater than $4,000 please contact headquarters HERE
  • How does your organization ensure the security and privacy of my financial information?
    Since, PayPal manages all the transactions for our donations, they ensure the security and privacy of your financial information. See PayPal's statement, this link will take you to an external website. PayPal Privacy
  • Can I cancel my monthly donation at any time and is there a process for doing this?
    All donations are received via PayPal. You will have received a confirmation email from PayPal with your first and every recurring donation. Login to PayPal to update payment information, change frequency or cancel your donation.
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