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Uniting Faith and Martial Arts:
The Vision of CKA

The Christian Karate Association (CKA) passionately envisions transforming the world through an influential and effective ministry program. Our program is designed to foster evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship. Simultaneously, we are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in martial arts.

Our aim is to carve a niche in the domain of sports, where we can infuse the principles of Christianity into the discipline of martial arts. We aspire to be recognized as a leading entity, pioneering the fusion of faith and fitness.

Our mission is bold and transformative. We endeavor to introduce an innovative approach to establishing an effective outreach for churches and ministries. We believe in the power of martial arts as a tool for outreach and connection. This unique blend of physical discipline and spiritual principles allows us to connect with people in a way that traditional methods may not.

We are steadfastly dedicated to imparting training and knowledge to our associates. We believe in the power of continual learning and improvement. Therefore, we are always working towards enhancing our program. Our ultimate goal is to bring together Christian martial artists from all corners of the globe.

We aim to create a global community of martial artists who are not just skilled in their craft, but also carry the Christian values of love, compassion, and brotherhood. We envision a world where martial arts is not just seen as a fighting technique, but a path to evangelism and community building. At CKA, we are not just teaching martial arts, we are shaping leaders who can make a difference in the world.

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