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CKA Gear

Greetings! As you may know, karate is a personal Discipline. A practice of self defense. A way of becoming physically stronger and fit. The proper gear ensures that all of this can be accomplished at a low risk for personal injury.

The Christian Karate Association has a full line of uniforms and safety gear.


We understand that for some the cost of uniforms and safety gear is not affordable to purchase all at the same time. Our store has split all the required gear into smaller packages so the cost is not intimidating. There is also a complete package that has a built in discount.


A new Team Leader receives a coupon on receipt of their application for 30% off the Team Leader complete gear package. Your students will be responsible to purchase their own gear from CKA. You don't need to be the middleman or worry about sales and use tax.

Visit our store at

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Remember, no prior karate training experience is necessary. You will learn all you need to run a karate ministry through the FREE online training. If you have previous experience, your journey to Team Leader may be smoother. Your muscles already understand basic karate movements.


If you are ready to start an exciting, family friendly, goal oriented ministry our next Team Leader Class starts September 16, Register Here.

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