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Martial Arts Training

Love God? Love Karate? 

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Uniting Christian Martial Artists Worldwide

Welcome to the Christian Karate Association, a unique fusion of martial arts mastery and Christian faith. Spanning multiple martial arts styles, our association is not just about the physical discipline, but is deeply rooted in cultivating essential Christian character qualities. All our instructors, while diverse in their martial arts specialities, are united by the same Christian values, forming the bedrock of our ministry. Our mission is to develop both physical prowess and spiritual strength, embodying the teachings of Christ in every punch, kick, and kata. Join us as we explore martial arts in a new, faith-filled dimension.

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Reaching the lost for Christ

CKA ministries blend physical discipline with spiritual guidance, offering a path to Christ while honing self defense skills and improving physical conditioning. CKA Instructors, who are devout Christians, provide mentorship, fostering a community where the lost find strength and purpose in faith.

CKA Membership card, keychain, patch and sticker
Show Your CKA Membership with a Patch, Keychain, Member Card and Sticker.

Join the Christian Karate Association today and start your journey towards becoming a better martial artist and a stronger Christian. Our online membership program is designed to help you grow in both areas, offering world-class martial arts training and a supportive community of fellow members who share your values. We offer insightful tips aimed at deepening your Christian faith and promoting a healthier, active lifestyle. With our CKA Membership Patch, Keychain, Sticker and Member card, you'll have a tangible reminder of your dedication to both martial arts and faith. 


7 Ways Christian Karate Has Transformed Lives Across the Globe

Christian Karate, a unique blend of martial arts principles and Christian teachings, has emerged as a transformative force on a global scale. This potent combination has deeply resonated with individuals worldwide, touching hearts, minds, and souls. Let's explore seven remarkable ways Christian Karate has made its mark globally:

Become a member of God's Family!

Salvation is getting a fresh start. It's about being saved from wrongdoings and their effects. This comes from believing in Jesus Christ, understanding that He gave up His life for us. It's not just about a promise of heaven, but about changing for the better right now. It brings peace, happiness, and a life full of purpose.

When you accept salvation, you join God's family. It's like being adopted into a family that loves you no matter what. God becomes your Heavenly Father and other believers become your spiritual brothers and sisters. Being in God's family means experiencing His love and kindness. It's about growing in faith, living by God's teachings, and sharing His love with others. It's a sense of belonging and a shared journey towards learning and growing spiritually.

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Gym Tools

Gear Up!

The right karate gear is crucial for your safety and performance. It keeps you protected, comfortable, and supports you in becoming better at karate. Whether it's uniforms or protective gear, every piece matters. And when you buy your gear from us, you're choosing quality and choosing to support this ministry. We offer gear that's durable, reliable, and designed to enhance your practice and competition experience. Choosing us means you can train with peace of mind, concentrate on your skills, and be confident in your equipment. 

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