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Start a Christian
Karate Ministry

Impact Your Community

Key Points
Team Leader
Team Leader

Person in charge of a CKA club


- Certified Team leaders have completed:

  1. Team Leader training course

  2. Rank of Orange belt

  3. Tested and certified by CKA

- Person of strong character and a great desire to win people for Christ.

CKA Club
CKA Club

- A ministry within a church or Christian organization

- Goal orientated

- An Outreach Ministry (Evangelism)

- Encourages Spiritual growth (Discipleship)

- Teaches Physical Health principles

- Creates Physical strength and endurance

- Kids and Adults can participate together in the same class

Time Commitment
Time Commitment

- Complete Team Leader and Rank requirements before September 24th.

- In the beginning it is approximately a 6-8 week commitment of 3-4 hours per week.  With continuing training required as you train as your Club grows.

- Required Seminar:

1 Day Seminar at HQ on September 24th, 2022

Personal Qualifications/
Personal Qualifications

- A desire and a passion for ministry

- 18 years or older

- No martial arts experience needed

Program Cost

- Online Training - FREE

- Team Leader Certification - FREE

- Yearly Fees - FREE

- Purchase your personal karate training gear: Approximately $125

Key Points

Sample Curriclum

Technical Karate Training Class

Sample Curriclum

Pages from The Team Leader Manual

Pages from The Yellow Belt Book

As a new leader of CKA you have the opportunity to start, establish and maintain an effective ministry with the support of an established association, with a large group of people for resources. Below you will find the major benefits we strive to provide all of our instructors. As you continue on your journey towards instructor we know you will find many more benefits.
Large support group – A key benefit of being part of CKA is having a very large instructor support group, with online forums and discussions daily. If you have any problems or questions, you can find someone in our association that has answers and experience with your same problem. You are not alone. The head instructors are also available via email and phone to help you start and maintain a successful program.
Established curriculum – The CKA curriculum has been developed and tested over many years with the goal of allowing leaders and students to be able to see the steps along the path to black belt and know that nothing is left out or missed. The rank book helps keep the school, students and instructors focused on the right path.
Web presence – Ability to set up and maintain your own personal web site within the master web site for the association.T he web is designed for ease of use with many templates to customize your page, with web support constantly available and maintained automatically.
Advertising – With CKA the term “Advertising” is not intimidating. With templates for business cards to fliers, a provided online web presence and active resources with new ideas, advertising your Karate class is simple and easy.
Online community – Whether your school is large or small,your students will be able to associate with many other students across the world. With personal student accounts,online forums, training videos and tips and other social networking opportunities through the web site, students will be kept interested and informed in the world of Christian Karate.
Association Events – CKA is here to help you succeed. We offer multiple camps, seminars, and tournaments throughout the year to help encourage and excite your students and provide a larger world view of this ministry an it’s impact on the world.
Personal Training – Our commitment to you is to provide all the tools necessary for you to start your journey and achieve your black belt and beyond. Training comes in the form of videos, hands on training, seminars, camps, video conferencing and more.





Thank you for your interest in becoming a Team Leader!


Working within the Christian Karate Association is an awesome and exciting ministry opportunity. I pray that your ministry will be an effective tool for evangelism and discipleship in your area. 

The Team Leader program has three major parts:


1. The Team Leader Training - How to start, run and maintain a Christian Karate ministry

2. Rank Training - Your personal karate training.

3. In person training and testing - All day event at our National Headquarters in Crosbyton Texas, USA on September 24th, 2022. 


You will need to complete both the Team Leader online training and the Rank training, approximately 6-8 weeks, before attending the seminar in September. 


The first step is to fill out the Team Leader Application and references. Once those have been completed, our staff will work through the application and references and if all looks good, enroll you into the Team Leader program. 

Upon enrollment, you will receive the information needed to start your training. 

September 24th info

September 24th info

Ready to get started?

How to Start

A Ministry

Starting a CKA Club is exciting and easy.

Listed below are the steps required to start and maintain a CKA Club:

1. Apply as a Team Leader
2. Complete online training - Karate & Team Leader
3. Order Materials as needed/desired
4. Start your CKA Club
5. Find 1-4 Additional Team Leaders
Ready to start?
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