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Spirit, Mind & Body

Focusing on the Entire Person

Greetings! At the Christian Karate Association we believe Karate Training and Fellowship go together. To see what I mean watch our

2019 Annual Summer Camp Highlights.


Karate Training, Fellowship and Spiritual discipline are all components of the Christian Karate Association. We strive to create a program that can bring focus on the whole person. Spirit, Mind and Body. To help with spiritual growth we incorporate Biblical principles with our Karate technique. One way we do this is we require students to memorize Biblical Character Qualities for each rank.


Here is the first Character Quality in our program:


Remember, no prior karate training experience is necessary. You will learn all you need to run a karate ministry through the FREE online training. If you have previous experience, your journey to Team Leader may be smoother. Your muscles already understand basic karate movements.


If you are ready to start an exciting, family friendly, goal oriented ministry our next Team Leader Class starts September 16, Register Here.

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