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The Christian Karate Association is concerned for your safety. All leadership team members and Instructors are required to pass an extensive application process and background check.


background checks
quality control


Safety gear is a vital part of a great CKA school. The right gear provides the instructor with liability protection in being proactive to keep students safe.


The protective gear gives the students a greater sense of safety which encourages more confidence during training drills.


The required gear was chosen to protect essential or delicate areas without feeling cumbersome. The gear also helps to protect opponents on the receiving end of an attack.


Essential class safety goes beyond just the kumite gear.  Students need to remove any items that could cause injury to themselves or others. Watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, piercings etc. are not allowed during class.


Hair needs to be pulled back away from face with a cloth or rubber pony tail holder so vision is not hindered. No metal or plastic clips or claws.

Students that sweat excessively should bring a towel to prevent the floor from becoming a slipping hazard to themselves and other students.

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