A Team Leader is a unique position created by the Christian Karate Association for individuals who wish to teach Christian Karate, but do not yet have their Black belt instructor rating with CKA. A Team Leader does not need to have prior martial arts experience.

A Team Leader is a person who has:
1. A desire and a passion for ministry
2. Completed Team Leader Training and earned the title of Hancho
3. Purchased a karate uniform and wearing a Team Leader belt and patch
4. Obtained Yellow Belt Rank

A Team Leader is required to maintain at least 1 belt rank above their students.  The Team Leader rank is marked on the Team Leader belt with a corresponding tape stripe.


A qualified Team Leader can start a CKA Club. A club can have a maximum of 75 students per class.  A Team Leader will be assigned to one set of 15 students.  To be able to have the maximum students, 75, there will need to be 5 Team Leaders. If more students are desired then the team leaders can start more than one club. Example: One club can meet Monday & Thursday and the other club could meet Tuesday & Friday. There could be a maximum on 150 students between the two clubs that are lead by the same team leaders.


One Team Leader will be assigned as the Club Leader. This Club Leader will be the main leader and will be responsible for the day to day issues of the club. Responsibilities for the Club Leader include: final decisions, scheduling of times, scheduling of events, etc. 


The Club Leader will be decided upon by the Team Leaders. The position of Club Leader can be held by all the Team Leaders as needed per schedules or as desired. The suggested length for a Club Leader position is 6-12 months.


Weapons training is traditional referred to as Kobudo.  Kobudo is a martial arts tradition that involves training and practicing with a variety of hand held weapons – metal and wooden weapons, bladed and non-bladed weapons. 

Our curriculum includes the introductory study of seven traditional weapons: