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The strength of the Christian Karate Association lies in both our past and our future. 


For more than 20 years, dedicated staff have built a solid foundation of faith and a tradition of excellence. 







Over the past several years, the Christian Karate Association has worked to address many identity challenges that did not exist in years prior.


In this highly competitive environment, it is very important for Christian Karate Schools to present a strong, cohesive presence in our community. As our communities continue to grow, we strive for this awareness encouraging families from all Christian faiths to enroll - welcoming friends and neighbors city-wide as learners in Christ.


To strengthen this recognition, the Christian Karate Association continues to build our identity system to increase message consistency and boost the visibility of our communications efforts.



Visible results of this identity system include:


Informational Messages

We seek to provide easy-to-use templates for materials to be disseminated to students and the public. We will provide training and support to insure that our presence both within our community and throughout our public messaging will be marked by this identity and exhibit the quality that is our mission in Christ.


Logo placement 

The Christian Karate Association logos provide a clear and readable identity which can be used in multiple applications and sizes, from small business cards to large exterior signs.



We’re standardizing our palette to make it crystal clear that everyone in the Christian Karate Association is on the same team. Our traditional “Red, White and Blue” in combination with Black, conveys stability, strength, consistency and quality.



As we work to increase consistency and contain costs, it makes sense for every school to use a common system for identity, letterhead, home bulletins and other communications. A system of templates makes it easy and efficient for everyone to accomplish our quality and cost goals.


Throughout the Christian Karate Association, employees, instructors, students and volunteers create communications every day. It’s important for each and every one of us to understand that our identity as CKA is an asset that deserves to be cherished and consistently communicated. 

If you have any questions about usage or specifications of these please contact Headquarters.

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