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The path from a white belt to a black belt is long and challenging. CKA has developed a ranking program that divides the requirements for black belt into 8 smaller steps with corresponding belt colors. The Tiny Tiger program was developed for younger students in mind. Students age 3-6, with feel great accomplishment as they go through the 4 Tiny Tiger belts. The Tiny Tiger belts are only the first 1/2 Kyu requirements separated into 4 manageable segments. 

CKA has determined that these steps, along with the curriculum as it is laid out in the rank books, are essential to help keep the students encouraged, focused and goal driven.

Another benefit of having a ranking system with the rank books is to create unity within the association. When local schools gather at the state level, it will be easy to recognize students rank and length of time training by the belt colors that are worn. Unity helps even the smallest school feel included as part of the whole in our association.

CKA provides essential tools for both the Instructor and the student on the path to black belt. In the rank book the requirements for each rank are concisely laid out so the students can easily see what they need to learn, what they need to work on and when they should be ready to test. 

This is extremely helpful for the busy instructor, a quick look at a student’s rank book will tell you if you are covering all the material for that rank and if the student is ready to test.

Rank Books


The CKA Karate Program incorporates Character Qualities to help students develop spiritual growth and strength of character.  Karate trains the mind and body to develop strength and endurance physically.  The addition of the character qualities trains the mind and spirit to develop strength and endurance spiritually.


The memorization of character qualities is required for rank testing.  In addition to rank required character qualities, the association has a “Character Quality of the Month.” The Character Quality of the Month is the same throughout the association.  Character qualities are taught and recited during class. Students will be learning at least 2 character qualities at any one time.  


There are 24 character qualities that have been selected and developed for use with our curriculum.  Each character quality is associated with a kata.  The Character Quality of the Month is on a 2 year rotation.


character qualities
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